Crystal Doors

Striving to be the best is what Olly does on a daily basis which is why Crystal Doors and richard Hagan were such a great fit to team up. In the summer of 2020 Olly and Richard met to talk about the future. Olly is now an ambassador for Crystal doors and is supported hugely by the pioneering business.


Recovery is huge in sport especially in rugby. NuroKor were a team sponsor from the GB bobsleigh team and when Olly made the move to rugby he wanted to bring the brand with him as it has helped him hugely when it comes to his performance. NuroKor continue to help Olly and support him with his career.


CBD products in sport have become huge over the last few years. When it comes to CBD in rugby there is non other like Ruckovery. When Olly was approached to join the team in 2021 he was ready to take his performance and recovery to that next level.

Get a bear hug

Gym work is huge for Olly with maintaining the power and strength needed for performance. Get a bear hug specialise in supports that look after your body while training which will keep you off the physio bed and keep you game ready.